Two main issues curvy women have to deal with in BBW dating

There are two main issues BBW women have to deal with in BBW dating: screening a large number of men who are willing to show up, and retaining men once they start curvy dating. The other parts, the hard parts for men, are easy. Most curvy women can easily get a man's attention or a curvy hookup date.

For the first part, my advice is to get out and date as many people as possible. Large women tend to be more attracted to personality than appearance, making the initial selection process more difficult. Personality, however, can be measured reasonably, accurately and quickly.

Instead of waiting for fate, spend time where your crush is likely to be. You can also approach guys, and guys tend to think it's amazing, but just showing up where guys are that you might be interested in are enough. When a man approaches you, encourage him. This can be scary.

Once you start curvy dating, realize that you don't owe your partner anything except to show up. If he is creepy or rude, leave immediately. It is impolite to leave, but even ruder is to make others feel uncomfortable. If it's not a good date, don't go on a chubby date. You don't owe him another date, even if he feels the same way.

BBW women are often afraid to break the male ego because it can be fragile and men can say something very stupid when they are rejected. You have to hear these words, and it's not fair, but you can at least be kind to yourself and realize that these words are completely reflective of the man's inner world, not you.

Silence is often the best answer. If a man says something stupid to you, ignore him and keep him out. This will keep you from hearing more bullshit and will keep him from getting the attention he wants.

If you have a great date, let him know. In general, we are much worse at reading signals than BBW women, so signals that you think are smart enough and subtle enough are completely ignored.

When you start chubby dating a guy who likes you, he usually promotes the relationship. Let him do at least half the work, like texting and arranging appointments. If he is not willing to do so, he is not interested enough in you.

If you're looking for a serious relationship, don't put yourself second to others. He either makes an effort to be with you, or he doesn't.

On the other hand, it's important not to rush him into a decision. Men tend to know earlier if they are physically attracted to BBW women, while curvy women tend to know earlier if they are interested in a relationship.

Just as men who move too fast physically scare women away, women who move too fast emotionally scare plus size women away. Don't worry about it. If he likes you, he will succeed.

Never ask him if he likes you. If he sees you, he will. Don't ask relationship questions that you're not sure the answer is yes. This includes whether he wants to monopolize, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

It is very common for a man to be thinking about whether he wants to be with a woman and she is rushing to make a decision. Very often, you may end up wanting the relationship, but if you have to commit now, you have to say no. It's better to be patient than to rush him into a decision that will force him to say no. Everyone's been there.

Understand how important freedom is to a person. Maybe not everyone, but it's usually an important value. Plus size women who try to violate our freedoms will be seen as a threat. On the other hand, a woman who supports us in having a lot of freedom will get a lot of credit for it, and the benefits of that freedom will be credited to you. Many men complain that their girlfriends or wives restrict their freedom, so a man who is not in that position is always reminded how lucky he is.

As a partner, your goal shouldn't be to be with him anyway. It should be irreplaceable. Rules, threats, ultimatums and bargaining never keep a good man. Be the best you can be and create an incredible relationship with him.

BBW dating is tough and sometimes frustrating for both men and women. The good news is, you only need to be really successful once.