5 Actions That Say He Loves You

By definition, men seem hard to read for BBW women. So it takes more effort to decide if what you have is really something than to take a petal from a flower and see what you fall on. But no matter how careful your man is, there are certain actions that will make him know you like the back of his hand.

Here are five dignified ways to tell your man if he loves you.

1.He listened to

A good listener is an important quality to attract, even in the early stages of BBW dating, but as a hookup relationship becomes more serious, the listener becomes more important. A man who listens to the small details of your life and makes sure he remembers them is not only showing his respect for you, but also his love for you.

2.He takes care of you

Bringing soup, sentimental medicine, and your favorite movie to instinctively protect you from imminent danger when you're sick is a natural way for a man to express how important you are to him. His efforts to make you feel safe and cared for are clear evidence of his feelings for you and he wants you to see that he is capable of helping you in the future.

3.He includes you in his future plans

When it comes to the future, a man in love will talk about it with you, often including you. Whether it's making more realistic long-term plans, such as inviting you to his wedding in a few months as his curvy dating, or talking about serious plans, such as marriage and children, his automatic inclusion of you in his future means he wants you involved.

4.He introduces you to someone he loves

If a man doesn't take things seriously, he won't give you time to see your mother. When a man carefully introduces you to his family and friends, he not only proudly shows you to the people who mean the most to him, but he clearly hopes they will love you as much as he does.

5.He said

All behavior aside, the only thing you can be sure he loves you is the most obvious: "I love you." "If a man is really, madly, deeply in love with you, he won't hide it from you. He'll want to make sure you're aware of it all the time!