Tips for Men: How to Be a Good One Night Hookup Partner?

The more times you put yourself into casual hookup, the more sexual experience you will have. There is a big difference between man and women and that is, men will have orgasm each time no matter whom they date but women don’t usually have orgasm. Suppose you are a man.

You ask your best friends that if they always take good care their partner until they have orgasm when having a one-night-stand, what do you think you’ll get? According to the results of a survey I found on a famous dating site a few months ago, we can see that only a few men will try their best to make women reach orgasm.

With this result, we may be able to make it easy to understand that men are more likely to get involved in FWB relationships than women, and that they create opportunities wherever and whenever they want. The fact that women fail to get what they want makes me upset because I have experienced many unpleasant hookups like this before.

We women should not pay for men's mistakes, because a successful casual dating is always based on the premise of mutual satisfaction. I had a serious talk about this issue with my few best friends and we drew conclusions as follows that tell men what to do if they're not too selfish to ignore their partner's feelings.

You guys can never treat your BBW dating partner as a tool or something else that can fulfill your sexual desires. If you have such an idea, I think you are better off paying for prostitutes because you will get better service from them. Listen, your partner is a real human being, and your thoughts are not going to help your hookup any further than hurting her. If you haven't yet realized the importance of respect in a one-night stand, then you should take a break from it. Until you learn to show your respect, we women are more likely to hook up with you.

You guys should act like a gentleman. As long as you know that you will reach orgasm sooner or later, you can add something special or a little crazy to make the casual dating more funny some toys, vibrators, oral sex or using some finger tricks for instance. But one thing you have to keep in your mind is that you cannot make things out of your control since we often see news about this on the Internet. Trust me, you will be a so popular with girls like me, as long as you can act like a gentleman.

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