Rules you have to follow when dating a shemale or ladyboy

Dating transgender women or transgender men can be different in some ways. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that they are the weird kind from other individuals. However, a failing relationship with a ts girl or ts guy mostly lies in the insensitivity of their date, which is you, Mr. Inexperienced or Ms. Inexperienced. So what exactly can you do to make the most out of the relationship with your ladyboy, shemale, tomboy or crossdressing men? Here are a few transgender dating tips that you can follow in order to maintain a long lasting and meaningful relationship with your ts date.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is David Lee, one of the co-founders of one of the most famous transgender dating site catering only to transgender women and transgender men. Recently, I have received a number of questions from more than 700 transgender love seekers asking whether it is naturally harder for them to find their love of their life or there is some hidden problems that they haven’t realized yet. The truth is, everyone, no matter you are straight, gay, bisexual, transgender or else, you all have right to beloved, the only problem is how. Living in a world filled with prejudice and misunderstanding, it is important to get a few life transforming tricks to optimize your hookup dating life.

Stop labeling your ts date. Yes, it is obvious that you are dating a transgender person who is different physically to a certain extent. However, there are way more valuable personality traits that you ought to pay attention to. First of all, you are dating Shelly, what an amazing name that is! Secondly, she works in a hospital taking care of mentally disabled women, which is why she is always exhausted when she came back home. And then, she’s a crazy dog lover who would adopt as many as puppies as she could. And then maybe...She’s also a transgender. But keep in mind that it is not fair to label your transgender date as “transgender” as if that is all what matters.

Watch out for your words. “So...Hmmmm, what does it feel like during the surgery?” “Lenny, would you consider yourself gay before the surgery happened” “I wonder why you chose to change gender after all” I get it that you might get hundreds of questions regarding to your ts partner’s gender situation as it is different from anyone else. You have to know that constantly asking questions about your partners sexuality will make him or her annoyed in the end. If your insist on finding those answers to satisfy your curiosity, check the transgender app where you can find all the related information.

In a society where transgender women and transgender men are still fighting for acceptance, it is surely not easy to date one. However, if you follow the rules and add some self reflections to it, there would be a silver lining in the end.