How to develop a relationship from a hookup?

My girlfriend and I had a one-night stand before we knew each other’s full name. The story goes like this:

We met in a bar as the old same trick. I hot up on her and she flirted back. Within half an hour, we were in a hotel upstairs taking each other’s clothes off. It was the quickest one night hookup I ever had. She just broke up with her boyfriend who cheated on her. I knew that after we were together. So how did I decide to develop a serious relationship with her? You must wonder. It was because of a detail. She always asked my feelings and what I want during bed. I was never treated that way. I had several girlfriends in my life, but neither of them was so considerable to me. I broke up with them for the same reason after my feelings were ignored for a long time. I was quite flattered and also impressed by her. This is the exact type of girl I want, so the next morning, I asked her phone number. She wouldn’t give it to me at first, because for her, this was just a one-time thing. She wanted nothing to do with me after that night, but I insisted. I didn’t let her leave the room without giving me her number. Eventually she gave up and I got it.

After that day, I have been thinking about how to get her into being my girlfriend. I didn’t contact her for several days until I came up with a plan. All I knew about her was the place she works, so I must use this information. One day, I got off work early. My company was not far from hers, so I drove to her building and hoped I could accidentally bump into her. Well, I did that mainly because I was boring and had nothing to do after work. Luckily, I saw her right when she came out. I claimed that I was running some errand in this building and asked her for dinner together. She refused, but as I might have mentioned, I was quite persistent. If I want something, I won’t give up unless I get it. She once again gave up and agreed to have dinner with me.

I pretended to be her friend and promised her all I wanted was friendship, but I think even she didn’t buy it. During that dinner, I managed to get her home address by sending her home and other information that might be useful. I kept thinking of favors that she could help me and in return, I offered to take her to meals. One thing led to the other, we became very acquainted with each other. We became friends, at least she thought so. So I started to make my move, by accidentally touching her hands, her hair and maybe kissing her on the side of the lips. With tremendous efforts and a little trick, she is my girlfriend now.

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