Finding Someone For A Three Way On 3rder

When I began to hookup date my husband, I told him that I was bisexual. But he told me that he didn’t care it since he loved me so much and he could give me whatever I want. So, I felt loved from that moment.

But two years ago, I had an affair with a workmate in my office who was married too. We fell in love with each other in a short time. However, I felt awful and sick when I had to lie to my husband and cheated on him. So, after about four times with her, I suggested breaking up. And she agreed. Maybe she didn’t feel well either. Then, our relationship ended badly. But, somehow, she chose to tell her husband about us and wished to feel better from that confession. Of course, her husband wasn’t acting as she expected. On the contrary, he called me and threaten to inform my husband about that affair. He was really ridiculous since he didn’t believe that we have already ended that relationship totally. But in order to keep my marriage, I decided to tell my husband everything. He was crushed and haven’t spoken to me for a long time. I knew that I have destroyed my marriage.

But, he didn’t ask me to get a divorce. Gradually, he became happier and talks with me all the time. To be honest, I felt ashamed because I failed a man who loved me so much. In order to spicy things up, I tried to ask about his sexual desires and talk about sex fantasies. When threesome dating came to our sight, I knew it was something that he wanted to experience. Then, after collecting some information about how having a three way can save a marriage, I decided to have a try. He agreed in the end.

Downloading a tinder for threesome to find a girl for a three way was the best way we knew. First, we chose 3Somer to have a try. It turns out that 3Somer was a spam app and it has been removed from App Store soon after we downloaded it. Then, we found 3rder and we knew it was another hookup app for couples and it was much easier than 3Somer. Indeed, we have found lots of single women who were looking for couples for a threesome online. We were excited to talk with them and chose one to have a three way for the first time. It was amazing and I was so surprised to see how sexy my husband was in the bed. And he enjoyed it very much. So, I believed that finding someone for a three way on 3rder saved my marriage.