As a big beautiful woman, How to date a guy?

Most men like slim and sexy women, since figure shape and appearance are the main factors of women's attraction. Women tend to keep fit or make up to increase their attractions and confidence. But for big girls, it's not easy to attract a man by their appearance and body shape, they need to enrich their inner part and improve their way of dating. If you are a big girl and you will have a date with a guy tomorrow, what will you do to attract the guy? There are some advice for you.

1. Be confident.

It's really not easy for a plus sized woman to ask a guy out, because most men prefer to slim and sexy women. As a plus sized woman, you still should be confident and hopeful. Not all men like slim girls, you should always believe that you are charming and beautiful. There are many examples of big girls find their life partners and have a happy life together.

2. Start an effective communication.

Before ask him out, you need to have a conversation with him. Try to attract his attention in the conversation and find some common topics and habits to talk about. You should know what's his habit and preference during the conversation, and then you may know how to attract him. This step is very important for your first hookup dating.

3. Be relax.

You may feel nervous when asking a guy out, try your best to calm down and take it easy. Never show your tension and anxiety to him. You can have a free talk with him like, what a nice day, would you like to have something to drink? if his answer is yes, it's the signal for you to go out and have a date with him. Don't make him stressful and uncomfortable in the conversation.

4. Express yourself clearly.

Big girls are always too nervous to express themselves clearly when faced with someone they like. You should be confident enough and express yourself to your partner clearly. Try to be a strong-minded girl and make a decision by yourself. If you want to ask a guy out, just tell him where you want to go, I think your confidence and independence can really attract him.

5. Regardless of the outcome.

Don't worry about the dating outcome, just enjoy the dating. When date with a guy, you need to do as usual and present a real and happy girl to him. You are a big girl, but you are also attractive, be yourself and don't always think about the outcome. Without beautiful appearance, your confidence and optimism can also attract the guy you want.

These advice above can help you a lot if you are a big girl and don't know how to date a guy. Never worry about you may mess the dating up, facts proved that big girls are attractive and charming, they can find the right one to have a long life together. We all hope that you would be one of the lucky one next time.